The LIV table in soap treated oak is treated for the first time about 14 days after reception. Afterwards it should be treated when nessesary, e.g. when the tabletop feels dry, or once every month- Rember also to treat the underside of the tabletop to equalize the tension in the wood.
All soap treated surfaces are and should be treated with white soapsuds. The solution must be 2 tablespoons (1/4 dl.) soapsuds for 1 litre of boiled, cold water. Apply the soap/water solution generously (as little water as possible), and let it work for 3-5 minutes. The wipe off excess soap with a wrung rag.
The LIV table in walnut must be treated with a clear oil, an abrasive spunge, and a rag to wipe off excessive oil. The oil is absorbed in the wood and forms a coating, protecting the wood and giving it finish. The oil is caring and leaves a smooth, silky surface